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Those Memes 
3rd-Apr-2009 02:08 pm
Several years ago, I learned that one of the ways to make bad plays funny was to add "On Ice!" to the title -- which turned out to work for good plays, too (Death of a Salesman On Ice! promised such wonderful comedic possiblity). Today, thanks to the Fast & Furious movie franchise and its dedicated band of reviewers, I got the cinematic equivalent:

Here is a secret I discovered with some friends a couple of years back: putting Tokyo Drift after inappropriate movie titles is a joke that never gets old. Citizen Kane: Tokyo Drift! Wendy and Lucy: Tokyo Drift! Breakin' 3: Tokyo Drift!

Eugene Novikov's reviews seldom disappoint, even when the movies he is reviewing do: one more quote to send you hunting through Google for "Eugene Novikov" "film blather":

Among other things, it taught me that "nothing really matters unless you have a code." Paul Walker speaks that line maybe halfway through the film, his face a tumult of emotions like boredom, mild confusion and the munchies.
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