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Another phone insurance story 
22nd-Jun-2009 10:01 am
Since my last insurance post, you may have wondered whether Asurion has done a better job since.

My wife's phone broke, and she asked me to handle it. So I tried to fill in the form online, only to find out that it wouldn't recognize the address -- so I called the number, talked to a nice guy who took all the details. Then I got a confirming email: without the PMB number that is mine. Then UPS showed a delivery instruction, which had no suite number. So I printed out the two emails, took them down to Garo at the mailing place, and said, "Can you intercept this before they get it back?" He said he could, and sure enough, he called saying that it had arrived. Oddly enough, the address had the suite number (though it still missed the PMB number) even though UPS hadn't confirmed it.

Took home, charged up, called the numbers, got it going, and handed it to my wife, who is using it again. Not bad, not quite painless.

RESULT: cheaper than buying a new phone, worth it.

Any questions?
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