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Washington DC Now 
11th-Jul-2009 11:57 am
Here's a short paragraph out of a good article. Read the whole thing.

During the auto bailout hearings a majority of voters called, e-mailed, wrote, and expressed concern about this auto bailout, and then were ignored by the Congress that gave out bailout money anyway. The same thing happened during the stimulus/recovery/spending package that was passed. A majority of American’s voiced concern, but Congress passed this bill with over 8000 pork attachments. During the debate on these issues we were told that GM and Chrysler were to big to let them go bankrupt, we gave them “billions” and they went bankrupt anyway. We were told that a stimulus/recovery/spending package had to be passed immediately to control unemployment and stimulate the economy, it hasn’t happened.

Keep in mind this guy is an independent. Not a partisan.
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