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Paul Krugman, Sometime Economist 
10th-May-2005 02:08 pm
Paul Krugman has a professorship at Princeton, and a regular column in the New York Times. Sadly, that doesn't mean that he says things that make economic sense: indeed, one of his recent columns was so far off the beaten track that it was reasonably inferred that he simply lied.

I am appalled. I was, during the 1990s, a huge fan of Krugman's and enthusiastically recommended his books on international trade and on "the accidental theorist" to friends who wanted to see good economic writing. Sadly, the accession of George Bush seems to have unraveled his technical skills, and rendered him incapable of worthwhile analysis in public media.
11th-May-2005 04:50 pm (UTC)
I saw you'd added me as a friend (I don't know how long ago, I'm awful about checking these kinds of things), and I just wanted to leave a note saying hallo! and that I'm adding you back. I look forward to reading your entries.
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