Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Environmentalist Goals: Tank the Economy

I've mentioned before that environmentalists, as a group, are economically and ecologically clueless. Recently, Senator John Kerry has decided to illustrate this, talking about the Cap and Trade bill and the effect of our current severe recession on the environment:

Let me emphasize something very strongly as we begin this discussion. The United States has already this year alone achieved a 6 percent reduction in emissions simply because of the downturn in the economy, so we are effectively saying we need to go another 14 percent.

In other words, we need to be down 20% in the economy to meet his environmental goals. Look around you at the effects of this recession. Do you believe, with him, that the economy must be significantly worse off, and that it is the business of government to push it down there?

If not, should you learn to be cautious about electing these environmentalists?

My own comment is to note that only in the rich societies of the world does major environmental cleanup go on, and that if we want to stop that from going on, losing the cash to make it happen is probably an effective way to go about it.
Tags: environmentalism, politics

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