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Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
Alone, from the Belmont Club 
27th-Oct-2009 07:28 pm
An interesting connection of ideas on the BNP, the left, and their common enemy:

Perhaps the greatest service that religion once rendered to Western civilization was providing the individual with a real or imagined hotline to God. Whether this was simply a conceit or not let us set aside for the moment. For as long as man imagined himself to be sacred and accountable to the Creator he stood at the center of polity. The state was there to serve him and not the reverse. Today he has lost that central place and is no more or less than a collection of curiously animated chemical substances with a market value of less then fifty dollars which the state has deigned to keep alive until some bureaucratic panel decides it is too expensive to do so. Just as Global Warming can be understood at one level as an attempt to bring nature into the purview of politics, it is impossible to understand the Left’s fixation with abortion except as a sacramental affirmation of the state’s power over man. The strident insistence on abortion on demand goes way beyond any conceivable need to prevent backroom abortions, or even an affirmation of a woman’s right to choose. It is really an absolute display of the power of politics over life. Abortion’s principal utility is as a stake driven through the heart of the notion of human sacredness, which once performed, ought to prevent its revival entirely.

"way beyond any conceivable need" -- I grinned at that. But then I took the point: the rhetoric of the pro-choice movement is far beyond what is needed. Why is that?
28th-Oct-2009 05:07 am (UTC)
Which is why hostility to abortion is rising, not falling, throughout the West. Twenty years ago, criticism was unimaginable outside a few conservative areas. Today, abolition is politically feasible in the USA - the next Republican victory will place it on the table - conceivable in Italy and Poland, thought of in Russia, and is even poking its head over the horizon in places like Britain where it once might have blighted your career.
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