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Thoughts Online Magazine
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8th-Nov-2009 09:02 am
Prime Minister Rudd, of New Zealand, has decided that climate change skeptics are holding the world to ransom.

Speaking at the Lowy Institute yesterday, Mr Rudd divided the opponents of climate change action into three groups - science sceptics, those who paid lip service to the science but opposed taking action, and the ''wait for others'' group of blockers. He said all were ''quite literally holding the world to ransom'' by provoking fear campaigns in every country they could and blocking or delaying legislation where they could, ''with the objective of slowing and, if possible, destroying the momentum towards a global deal''.

I happily accept any credit he gives on the subject, though I think he's overstating my influence. I recognize that I come from the side of the debate that invokes logic more often. But still, you'd think that he would have figured out which side is demanding money.
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