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What am I doing? 
22nd-Nov-2009 12:01 am

  • 09:23 @rainnwilson "belive in evolution"? Why make science a damn religion? #

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23rd-Nov-2009 01:45 am (UTC)
You know, whenever I read your journal, I feel like I'm looking into the mindset of someone who thinks on a completely different plane than I do. It's very enlightening.

Today's "whycomedothisway" question:
How is "belief in evolution" equal to religion? I believe that my fiance loves me; is our relationship a religion, therefore?

This is equivocating on meanings of the verb "to believe". There is one sense of "to believe" which is "to hold as religious conviction" but there is also the sense "to consider to be true or real". Belief in evolution is usually the latter. Naturally there are some rationalists or materialists who take their ideology to the level of religious devotion, but the phrase "believe in evolution" is not religious per se.
23rd-Nov-2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
Diversity is always interesting. Agreed.

It's religion when, in his case, he wants to excommunicate/persecute/kill those who disagree with him. When he decides to use persuasion and show things, I'll take it as something he considers true/real.
23rd-Nov-2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
That would seem to suggest that excommunication/persecution/killing is a salient feature of religion.

I missed the context of the original so I'll have to take your word for it re: his desires.
24th-Nov-2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
No. I suggest that strong emotional attachment and fury at those who disagree with you is not a feature of science.
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