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Thoughts Online Magazine
Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
Italy Remembers, Europe Forgets 
24th-Nov-2009 03:54 pm
FPB writes:

You may have heard about the decision of the European Court of Human Rights (which actually has nothing to do with the EU, although I have no doubt that its decision was welcomed by parliament and commission) to order the crucifixes to be removed from all Italian classrooms. What you will not have heard is the response to this decision. The country appears to have clenched itself like a fist, and the general feeling appears to be that if the eminent and learned judges want the image of the Crucified removed from our schools, they can bloody well do it themselves - and face the consequences.

The European court wished to rob them of their history and their culture, on the ground that Italy is not Europe, and Italy responds, correctly, that Europe is not Italy. It is ironic that a country so in favor of the European project is robbed in this way: it almost seems a deliberate flouting.

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