Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Malthusian Idiots Still Out There

Despite the fact that Malthusian thinking has almost no relationship to reality, it can be an interesting proxy for finding out if someone is trustworthy on policy matters.

Here, for example, we have Diane Francis dutifully echoing the line about one child per couple.

The easiest response to her would be this: "Mrs. Francis, you have two children. Which one should we kill so that we can help trees?"

Of course, asking that question, with a gun in hand, two children present, and a certain deadness of tone might be stressful for Mrs. Francis. And it would be even more useful to ask her why that was, and whether that gives her any insight into the thoughts of others who might object to her one child policy and the coerced abortions that lie behind it.

What I'm afraid of is that she won't understand the question. And that is where I ask myself if she's worth paying attention to on matters of policy, or whether a vote is the most she should have in public discourse, not a newspaper column. What do you think?

UPDATE: As pointed out, Not even the Chinese are stupid enough to keep this policy.
Tags: malthus, politics

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