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CBS Manufactures Another Quote

This time, their manufactured quote is not from a dead guy who can't contradict them (their prior tricks), but from Ken Starr, who can.

I'm not sure whether I should be laughing harder at them because they did so badly, or being appalled that they don't learn to say truthful things. All those "layers of editing" that journalists insist create their credibility are certainly no guarantee of even minimal standards.

Of course, "freedom of the press" meant something different when first drafted: it meant that anyone could use the presses to say whatever he wanted (within the bounds of true things) to encourage public understanding and debate. The fact that press owners started hiring people to write things so that their presses got used and they got paid for them is irrelevant: reporters are just guys who are hired to keep the press busy so its owner gets repaid for the investment. On that rather low standard, CBS is doing just fine.

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