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What am I doing? 
24th-Mar-2010 12:04 am
  • 12:34 Letting children sleep in improves their schoolwork and their health. But it's inconvenient for parents, so forget it. ow.ly/1pZni #
  • 12:41 Corporate programs in diversity training intended to reduce liability fail encourage tolerance. Involve lawyers, fail! ow.ly/1pZzj #
  • 12:48 A virtual choir, made up of youtube videos of people singing parts. Impressive! Thanks, @mikepfs! ow.ly/1pZIP #
  • 14:05 Technical tip: how to make sure that all your programs write to the "My Documents" folder to make backup easier: ow.ly/1q1QY #
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24th-Mar-2010 12:42 pm (UTC) - kids and sleep
I just wish it wasn't like pulling teeth to get them to go to bed. Once they go, they're out like lights. It's just a matter of when the lights actually go out. It's like they don't expend enough energy during the day. lol
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