Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Silly Season

I know that some people have trouble with metaphors: the mental flexibility involved requires resources they don't have. Combined with a natural tendency to exaggerate and difficulty in perceiving their environment, this can lead to unintentionally silly comments, like this one:

This is the same person who in the face of death threats to Bush, said nothing. Nothing at all. And who now is so lost that he says "Republican members of Congress" are the "terrorist leaders" involved in intimidation.

In other words, he's the same person who said, "Yeah, right!" when Obama said, "The health care bill will have a tax on tanning salons so we can stick it to whitey." (Note: this quote has the same amount of support that the quotes this Congressman is worried about.) ((None, for the impaired.)) (((Yes, the tanning salon tax is real, and part of the Health Care Bill.)))
Tags: politics

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