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Andrew Klavan Makes A Point

Rather well. Just to give you a sample:

Why would this work? Because our opinions shape our perspectives, and studies repeatedly show that the opinions of a majority of mainstream journalists are the opinions of a minority of Americans.

Of course they're losing us.

For example, here are a few things that seem to me not only true but plain as day:

• After three and half years with terrorism largely thwarted on free soil, the formation of two nascent Middle Eastern democracies, the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and a revitalized peace process in Israel, the war on terrorism is thus far a remarkable success redounding credit and glory to its commander in chief.

• A court that discovers rights such as the right to an abortion or homosexual marriage in any constitution written before 2004 is arrogantly abusing judicial independence. It is not actually conferring rights; it is abrogating the one crucial right: that of the people to debate, vote and, through their representatives, legislate the sort of country they wish to live in.

• There is a God. He, not the government, endowed us with our rights. Therefore when we acknowledge him in the public square, we remind government of the rights it is bound to protect. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits this.

• The federal government is not meant to be a huge engine for doing good. It is meant to be a small engine for preserving the liberty of individuals and communities so that they can choose to do good. Without that choice, there's no virtue. Without virtue, only tyranny can keep the peace.

Now if these were just my opinions, it wouldn't matter. But I'd bet cold cash that well over half the country believes at least some of these propositions. If that's true, it's easy to see how a ceaseless barrage of stories over-emphasizing hardships in Iraq, fretting over abortion "rights," using the word "cuts" to describe slower government growth or showcasing hysterical attacks on religious legislators might make us turn the channel or cancel our subscriptions. By hiring some conservatives to balance such bias, news outlets may begin to restore the idea that they are, in fact, news outlets, instead of, say, elite would-be opinion-makers instructing us in right thinking by manipulating reportage and distorting facts.

I look forward to hearing more from him. Rumor has it that he's an author of other books: check out Amazon for his titles.

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