Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Featured? Really? Moi?

Every now and then, email will surprise you: a note from a friend who's "just thinking about you", a fun link, or a neat connection.

And then there are the ones out of the blue:

This is Shiela from
We stumbled on your blog while searching for printers related information. We operate the largest HP Printer Ink Cartridge website featuring more than 30,000+ blogs. Our site averages 200,000+ uniques visitors per month. As a kind note We have featured your blog at We would be grateful if you could add the following details to your blogs main page.
HP Toner Cartridge
Looking forward for your confirmation.

We'll see how well formed the links are when I click on them. In the meantime, I see the outlines of a really slick marketing operation.

What do you think?
Tags: blogs, marketing

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