Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

When Lawyers are Stupid

Lawyers can be stupid: it's part of the allowance for a group tasked with interpreting and applying laws.

Latest example: the "dog in the manger" (reference) attitude of the Justice Department to universities using the Kindle for students.

Correct response of the universities: "Shove it up your jumper. We're using it. By the time your lawsuit gets to court, the courses will be over, a version of Kindle will be available which circumvents the fake problems you allege, and NO BLIND STUDENT will have been harmed, which we will see to: and no SIGHTED STUDENT will have been denied a choice, which you callously and illegally advocate."

Not, of course, that they have the courage to respond as they could. No, they go along with such actions. As noted before, the reason that laws are so long is that it takes pages to describe how to treat people unequally.
Tags: law and stupidity
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