Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Airlines: It was a nice trip.

Inspired by this piece, and the letter from UCSF about problems with radiation in TSA applications and the incapacity of TSA to distinguish what passengers pose, and do not pose, a problem, I think it's time to call flying quits. I have friends who work for airlines, and airports, and I understand that if my point of view becomes more general, it will hurt them. But truthfully, there's nothing I can't do in my car, and I want to avoid problems with my daughter and incompetant, self-assured people who would act toward her in a manner that I encourage her to resist with slaps and kicks.

Because I would back her up. As I should. And I hit harder, and would destroy more machinery.

And I'd rather not pay to replace that which shouldn't be there in the first place.

UPDATE: Further comments of interest. Finally, a summary from Bruce Schneier, a security expert, who says the new stuff won't catch anybody, but it's interesting theater.
Tags: tsa, war on terror

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