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Amazon Book Reviews worth Reading 
3rd-Jan-2011 07:59 am
Selected Nuclear Materials and Engineering Systems

Read the basics on the book:

The present volume in the New Series of Landolt-Börnstein provides critically evaluated data on phase diagrams, crystallographic and thermodynamic data of ternary alloy systems. Reliable phase diagrams provide materials scientists and engineers with basic information important for fundamental research, development and optimization of materials.

The often conflicting literature data have been critically evaluated by Materials Science International Team, MSIT®, a team working together since many years, and with expertise in a broad range of methods, materials and applications. All evaluation reports published here have undergone a thorough review process in which the reviewers had access to all the original data.

The data for each ternary system are provided in a standard format which includes text, tables and diagrams. The topics presented are literature data, binary systems, solid phases, pseudobinary systems, invariant equilibria, liquidus, solidus, and solvus surfaces, isothermal sections, temperature-composition sections, thermodynamics, materials properties and applications, and miscellanea. Finally, a detailed bibliography of all cited references is provided.

In the present volume IV/11C selected non-ferrous-metal systems are considered, especially selected nuclear materials and engineering systems in this Part 4.

Gripping, right? Ah, but then you read the REVIEWS!

(short excerpt follows, but you REALLY have to go to the page...)

In the past no one ever liked eating my pancakes. Now my pancakes receive glowing reviews! Cherenkov radiation at its best. , writes David Gladden of Dallas, Texas.

I've never found such practical information in a textbook! The book is not only a great source for your education in selected nuclear materials but in modern lessons in life. The author delicately lined his book with moral anecdotes that anyone benefit from. It is now the only storybook I read to my children, but don't play it off as a kids book, the binary and psuedobinary systems make great edgy romance novellas after a hard day at the office. writes Ryan Shepherd of Jacksonville, Florida.
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