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The Constitution and "Reasonableness" 
3rd-Apr-2011 05:50 pm
Reid et al. are looking into regulating burning Korans. Because some obscure guy burned one and some loony people (Muslims, not condemned by other members of their faith, and hence presumed orthodox) rioted and killed people.

And I call bullshit right there.

1. What part of "Congress shall make no law" is difficult for Senator Reid? Does he feel unemployed because he doesn't have enough to do?

2. The loons who rioted and killed are just like the other loons who did so when they saw cartoons from Denmark (or from their local imams, since there is apparently no prohibition on Muslims lying their heads off, since these imam guys indulge in this with regularity).

EITHER these loons should be prosecuted/locked up/shunned/condemned OR colonialism was right, that they have to be ruled by their betters for their own good until they are capable of acting reasonably.

Somehow I have a feeling that the second option will be condemned and the first abjured, which means that they are wild animals, not worth the trouble of doing anything but fencing off as needed. Thoughts?
4th-Apr-2011 08:59 pm (UTC)
In the absence of widespread condemnation from the rest of the Islamic world, I would have to go with Option Two as the only reasonable option. The trouble is, the US currently lacks the guts to carry this out and the UK lacks the muscle.

I'm given to understand that the cartoons which were shown to the loons were not those which the papers gutlessly refused to reprint.

It matters little what you think of the pastor in the US. His action was stupid and insensitive, but it doesn't ever justify running around and beheading aid workers who don't even share his nationality. It pisses me off royally when a disproportionate response like this is excused or blame-shifted on 'cultural' or religious grounds, or called anything other than what it is. You don't see Christian missionaries slaughtering a mixed bunch of Afghans, Pakistanis and Saudis in response to some jerk in Indonesia torching a church, do you?
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