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Book Review: RIGHTeous InigNATION 
27th-Apr-2011 07:50 am
OK, here it is: time spent with a raconteur listening to his outsize adventures, silly mistakes, and the machinations of his nemesis, the clown show.

Righteous Indignation by Andrew Breitbart is a fun, interesting take on the news for the past couple of years, and certainly more worth remembering than most of the fact-challenged reportage of the incidents covered.

He writes entertainingly about the situations he gets himself into, and out of, by means of a camera and a quick response. Despite that, it is a story of a battle: one between a media whose story form is pre-written, and the facts on the ground. Breitbart is a game-changer because he has the video to back up what he says, and is relentless about asking for corrections when the major dailies screw up.

I note with amusement that the Kindle price is slightly higher than the paperback: get the paperback, and pass it on to someone else who enjoys a good laugh.

This press conference demonstrates why he's fun to listen to.

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