Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The San Diego Trolley looks nice: the bright red cars can be seen near most of the major arteries in town. Their website, here, appears to give information about routes. But schedules? That's a secret. "every 15 minutes" "every 20 minutes" "every half hour" may be useful notes for the people operating the system, but for passengers, the only useful question is "how long until the next trolley" -- and nothing will answer that question, including employees of the system, who will give varying answers ("right now" and "in half an hour"). Tickets? You'll have to guess. But you will pay a fine if you underpay. Spend %5 on the day pass for everyone. Unless you are near a designated holiday. Then other rates apply. No, we won't tell you about those, either.

I'm driving.

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