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23rd-Jun-2011 04:30 am
I shouldn't be, but am, frequently surprised by the new twists on marketing things that the web comes up with. Latest surprise?

From Amazon, where I thought I knew all the variations it presented and how it showed products, something called "My Habit" (a name that gives nothing away, unless you're a monk of a very odd kind: it sells limited run clothes)(associate link). What is interesting to me is the detail with which they present the clothes (including 360 views of them being worn). It's a "sale" site, but operates like a boutique: certain items are for sale each day, and the sale items will be offered at that price for three days, but there will be limited numbers available so that they expect to run out of items they put on sale. As with a boutique, shipping is not a consideration: shipping is free and returns are free. Minor sign up requirement to get the run of the site, but an Amazon account shortens that process to painless.

The site is being promoted, and they have a $10 off Promotion Code: through September 1, customers can save $10 on their order by entering the code MYHABITX at checkout. For those interested in the code, note that it is the name of the site My Habit and X the roman numeral for 10 for the discount.

Worth signing up for just to see the presentation.
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