Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The post-racial America of Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan - The Washington Post

The post-racial America of Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan - The Washington Post is possibly the best example of indirect demonstration. No, he hasn't demonstrated that whites own blacks. Or that they think they do. Anyone around a family and hearing a reference to "our Neville" knows that Neville is a member of the family, or group that the speaker is, not that Neville is a slave.

But Mr. King is demonstrating something else. And there is a choice in understanding what he is demonstrating. Charitably, he is demonstrating the results of an inadequate education: he simply doesn't know any better. More realistically, he is demonstrating bad faith argumentation, or, to use the technical term, bullshit. He is using his sentences without regard to their truth or falsity to see if he can make his readers act in a certain way.

I'm picking bullshit.
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