Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Technology Advances Coming Our Way

Probably the most interesting article I've read in the past week was this one about healing fractures with putty -- not every day putty, but putty made of stem cells and an associated protein in a gel medium.

Here's the dope:

To start the bone regeneration process, the RBC used adult stem cells that produce a protein involved in bone healing and generation. They then incorporated them into a gel, combining the healing properties into something Stice calls "fracture putty."

With Peroni's assistance, the Houston-based team used a stabilizing device and inserted putty into fractures in rats. Video of the healed animals at two weeks shows the rats running around and standing on their hind legs with no evidence of injury. The RBC researchers are testing the material in pigs and sheep, too.

The funny part of the article? They're worried about losing government funding, apparently unaware of the money that would be thrown their way to commercialize this. Boneheads. No one told them that there are people who'd be interested in this. But then, they're in a University, so ignorance is excusable.
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