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Thoughts Online Magazine
Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
25th-May-2005 07:22 pm
The latest incarnation of fascism, oddly enough, is in Italy: where Oriana Fallaci was indicted for "defaming Islam". What gross stupidity permits such a miscarriage of justice? What lamebrains! Mr. Adel Smith appears to worship a god so unable to defend himself that he must rely on Mr. Smith to defend him. What can we say about this Allah he worships other than he must be a powerless nonentity, as proved by his worshipers? This is the same powerless nonentity whose followers routinely murder each other upon reports of a Koran dumped into a toilet. The only rational response? Dump more Korans into the toilet, preferably on TV broadcast in the countries with this stupidity. They only prove that the god they worship is a failure.

You know, the most ridiculous things get done under the name of justice. I'd be proud to acknowledge the author as influential for her lucid prose and careful thought, whose brilliant book illuminated our understanding of the Islamic fanatics who tried to undermine civilization in the name of barbarity. It was published in a newspaper so she could communicate to the most of her countrymen. She is brave, interesting, passionate, and worth reading and knowing, even when you disagree with her, because she forces you to get specific about your disagreement.

Fortunately, Justice Minister Roberto Castelli appears to know the situation better than the judges: he characterizes it as an attack on freedom of expression. Good for him.

It is simply the truth that the West is wildlly superior to the Islamic societies of the Arab world. There are seven easy to spot signs of a failed civilization: restrictions on the free flow of information, the subjugation of women, inability to accept responsibility for failure, the clan or extended family as the basic social unit, domination by a restrictive religion, a low value assigned to education, and low prestige assigned to work. These countries exhibit ALL OF THEM, and their societies must be either reformed or drastically changed. There are NO arguments that can overcome basic stupidity, and it's on display with any who say, "but their customs need to be respected." No. Their customs need to be recognized as the stupid choices they are, and changed.
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