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Badly planned laws are the expected result of rushed bills. 
22nd-Mar-2013 08:17 am
ObamaCare Turns Three: 10 Disturbing Facts Americans Have Learned - Investors.com

As this start date draws near, evidence is piling up that ObamaCare will:

1. Boost insurance costs.
2. Push millions off employer coverage.
3. Cost people their jobs.
4. Tax the middle class.
5. Be a bureaucratic nightmare.
6. Exacerbate doctor shortages.
7. Leave millions uninsured.
22nd-Mar-2013 03:26 pm (UTC)
No, you've got it the wrong way round.

If the laws weren't badly planned, there would be no need to rush them through.

As for the rest - this is what the US electorate voted for. Let them have it. Let them have it good and hard for the next four years, so they will learn (hopefully for the next eight or twelve) not to elect a popular figurehead with a glib tongue, a slavish mass media, and a tight shield around his past.
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