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Dear Prudence: Can single dads host sleepovers? - Slate Magazine 
4th-Jun-2013 07:36 pm
Dear Prudence: Can single dads host sleepovers? - Slate Magazine

The real answer: No, a single dad cannot host sleepovers. The reason: parents don't like it, and they communicate their uneasiness to their kids. Should one kid complain about the evening to such a parent, they KNOW that it's about sex. And they won't rest until you're behind bars. No "liberal" child-raising attitude will help: the other parents, upon hearing the accusation, will immediately interview, informatively, their daughters, looking for trouble. People are good at finding what they look for.

So, single dad. No sleepover. Have it at someone else's house if you can, like a sister's or an aunt's or your mother in law's (after all, she's looking for reasons to label you an inadequate parent anyway).
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