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Gifts for Obama's Birthday 
4th-Aug-2014 06:57 am
An article with gift suggestions for Obama's birthday has a really good suggestion in the middle of the five:

#3 – A spine

There exists a political opposition: Republicans. They were elected by a majority of people in their districts or states and are expected to pursue a legislative agenda in line with their supporters. Generally, their agenda is contrary to that of the president.

This opposition and adversarial relationship is not personal, nor does it have anything to do with skin color, racial background or anything else personal. Reasoned, well-intentioned and good people legitimately disagree on political solutions and policies.

This has always been the case with a two-party system and it always will be. It’s time for the President to stop complaining about it and get over it.

There are a lot of other people who need that gift in Washington right now.
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