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  • Sun, 06:15: @deanesmay @ComicHideout @instapundit ghosts don't exist. Having a pile of state approved pieces of paper doesn't make them real.
  • Sun, 06:19: I agree that corporations are piles of paper to which you attribute agency. Excuses to do wrong things.
  • Sun, 06:25: RT @jrussell20941: @grindingdude And don't forget he took time out from golf and vacation to castigate congress for being on vacation? That…
  • Sun, 06:32: Every child has imaginary friends to blame for doing wrong. These are imaginary friends for grown ups.
  • Sun, 06:34: They tell each other stories about what you should pay their imaginary friend. And he can't be killed.
  • Sun, 06:41: But it is not the Washington Post that conspired to lie. It's people. With things they want to hide.
  • Sun, 06:42: The Washington Post is just the imaginary friend they want you to look at, rather than them.
  • Sun, 06:47: So is every game on the market. Yet we do not say the game picked the winner.
  • Sun, 08:21: Letting a fox in the hen house as state strategy.
  • Sun, 08:30: RT @yesnicksearcy: Leftists always think they are qualified to determine which persons are better off dead.
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