Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Book? Recommendation

It's a pleasure to recommend a couple of books I've enjoyed:

1. Clinton Cash: Graphic Novel which serves as an outline for the much longer book of the same name. It's interesting to see what's coming, and I can think of no better "future preview" of the United States than this short book. Where are we going and how are we getting there?

2. Somewhither by John C. Wright (to whom I was introduced by LiveJournal some years ago as johncwright, though his most recent posting appears in John C. Wright, Author, and remains trenchant and well-written. This is apparently only a Kindle book on Amazon, which limits its distribution to that platform: but if it comes out in paperback, snag one. Welcome to a different world, connected to this one in ways that might surprise you, with its own rules that you can discover along with the protagonist. Recommended. Hoping there's a sequel.

3. Genesis Commentary by Peter S. Ruckman. This is one of THOSE books: written by a pastor at a church in Florida laying out what he's learned from studying the book of Genesis in the KJV. "Not my circus" I can hear the objections. But here's the thing: he's very smart, he argues for his points well, if loudly, and he may be more convincing than you'd expect. Genesis is the starting point for a lot of what we see right now in the world, and this is a good introduction to it. You may not agree with him, though I suspect that wouldn't bother him, but you'll enjoy the process of learning his perspective and more about a foundation stone of what we see now.

4. Personae by Ezra Pound. Recommended to the English buffs who haven't read poetry in a while. This is an excellent collection of poems, some agreeable, some prickly, by a different voice. One of the poems in the collection, entitled simply "Salutation the Third" is an argument with a reviewer in the New York Times, which prefigures much of the poet's future. "Ancient Music" plays on "Summer is icummen in, lhude sing cuccu!", but is instead, about Winter, and will strike an immediate, laughing chord among those who have lived or live where Winter has sway.

5. The Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling is by way of apology to those who don't like modern poetry. I enjoy Kipling more and more as the years go on, and recommend him as a bedside book to pick up on restless nights (not, as expected, because he'll put you to sleep, but because you'll start to enjoy being awake more).
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