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Perspective: That moment when West Virginia and California have the same experience. 
6th-Feb-2017 03:11 pm
Don Surber, retired columnist from West Virginia, has perfectly described a key problem with reforming laws to reach goals: it doesn't work. The permanent government steps in, and the elected officials say, "We can't do anything." We know better, but they continue to deny it.

The 1965 law and its 1986 reform made this problem.

Thus, good men and good women think they can fix the law and fix the problem.

That won't work. The people in California tried that with Prop 187, which denied the benefits of citizenship to people here illegally. A judge said this was "unconstitutional" and the Establishment refused to appeal the decision.

And with that, the bad law stays.

Yes, the judge can be impeached. Tell me how well that works.
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