Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Ethics, a Plague on Society

Part of a continuing series into the follies that go with people who want "ethical" behavior, but who don't seem very concerned that it be "good".

This time, someone from Bridgeport, Connecticut's Ethics Commission (charged with the kind of oversight and responsibilities sharp-eyed readers of the prior post would have expected) shows the kind of behavior that he asserts should be expected of an Ethics Commissioner.

There may be other opinions. But those are from the pearl-clutchers, who can be expected to be scandalized and to point and shriek.

Just so you're caught up, the article is here.

Ethics commissioner Dr. Noel Kayo has an ethics dilemma of his own after police said they arrested him outside a hotel here for mistaking a local woman for the prostitute he had ordered online.
“I will not resign,” the 39-year-old cardiovascular researcher and member of the Bridgeport Ethics Commission, proclaimed Tuesday after it became public Monday he was charged with patronizing a prostitute.
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