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The Automatic Censorship Machine 
20th-Aug-2017 07:34 am

As noted in this article in PJ Media, Google is teaming up with the ADL and the notoriously vicious Southern Poverty Law Center's hate list to create a new weapon of censorship, based on harassing supporters and advertisers. It's an act of aggression by the goody-goody types to keep everyone else in their lane. The contagion of goody-goody thought is noted here, where assault on people who advocate free speech is the goal.

Deciding to attack based on a list of the unrighteous is, of course, bad theology: we are saved by God individually, not because we are members of a righteous group of some sort. Bad theology of this sort can be found on the right (in various nationalist movements) and on the left (in various identity movements). The sad part of the movements on the left has been how well they train their enemies, as
pointed out by O'Neill:

"You are a white man. Check your privilege. Stay in your lane. You will never understand black people's lives or experiences. You're all about whiteness, that's how you're conditioned." -- SJWs

"I am a white man. What a privilege. I'm going to stay in my lane. I will never understand black people. I'm all about whiteness, it's how I'm conditioned." -- White Nationalists

It's hard to imagine a bigger contrast with Western Culture, and the proud declaration, "I am a man. Nothing human is alien to me." (Homo sum, humani nil a me alienum puto -- Terence), which opens the universe of humanity to exploration and understanding, and opposes the foolish "cultural appropriation" and "identity" movements that fail, again and again, to deal with the world as it is.

Music and literature both exist to explore the universe of human action, how we are who we are. Both are universal (most of the classical music I listen to has brilliant recordings by Japanese musicians -- cultural purists will note that Europe and Japan do not share most of their culture, but it is possible, and when possible, brilliant.) And that universality means that the shocking, and deeply moving, story in Genesis 22 communicates to us directly its puzzles, difficulties, and resolutions. Culture can be a source, but is not a barrier. Languages can be learned, and are not property, either: and sometimes the original language is not the best reflection of the author (Herman Hesse wrote in German, but is brilliant in English: Edgar Allen Poe wrote in English, but is brilliant in French).

The result of censorship is to impoverish this dialogue, and to remove from civilization the most important human civilizing influence: other people hearing, and reacting to what is written. In a famous example, the British National Party, which had echoed the nationalist aspirations of the continental fascists, slowly regained membership after WWII, to the point where the BBC finally had a leader present the position of the party on television (note that this is exactly what the SJWs are afraid of). The result of that speech, where everyone finally heard what they believed from the horse's mouth, was a sudden decrease in party membership, and a response of revulsion and disgust from most of the electorate (the opposite of the SJW prediction). People are fairly good at bringing others back into the dialogue, but only if they are free to talk without goody-goodies stepping into the conversation and insisting on their own moral condemnations.

This new plan is just another attempt by the goody-goodies to take over the dialogue. Confucius pointed out that goody-goodies are the thieves of virtue, "to try to be wholly righteous is to go beyond humanity and to be something that isn't human" in Alan Watts' paraphrase. It is they who need to be brought into the dialogue, too, because their attempt at censorship and condemnation should also be part of the discussion. Remember the BNP.

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