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Old notes: On books, from Robinson's "The Personal Life of the Clergy" 
10th-Oct-2017 05:11 pm
"We live in the age of books. They pour out for us from the press in an ever-increasing multitude. And we are always reading manuals, textbooks, articles, books of devotion, books of criticism, books about the Bible, books about the Gospels, all are devoured with avidity. But what amount of time and labor do we give to the consideration of the Gospels themselves? We're constantly tempted to imagine that we get good more quickly by reading some modern statement of truth which we find comparatively easy to appropriate because it is presented to us in a shape, and from a standpoint, with which our education, or it may be partly association, has made us familiar. But the good we acquire readily is that that which enters most deeply into our being and becomes an abiding possession. It would be well if we could realize quite simply that nothing worth the having is to be gained without the winning. The great truths of nature are not offered to us in such a form as to make it easy to grasp them. The treasures of grace must be sought with all the skill and energy which are characteristic of the man who is searching for goodly pearls."

In a nutshell, why I will always prefer the KJV to the modern translations, other than the obvious criticism, which is that modern translators don't have good texts, don't pay attention to cross-references, and apparently don't understand either the original languages or English well enough to do a good job.
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