Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Short Comment: reality in three dots.

Some articles I enjoy because they express so perfectly what I'm thinking. That someone else wrote them is less of a problem than you'd think, given the size of my ego.

Check it out.


One of those brief conversations: A young man accuses me of being a Nazi. I respond, "No I'm not. Nazis are Socialists: they are to my left. I'm on the right side of the spectrum, with the people who like freedom for myself and for others." Dumbfounded.


I can't pretend to be surprised that a few journalists are catching on to the fact that Trump rides on a cresting wave of their reports. Not that I expect anyone to pay attention to this.


Winning. Still Not Tired.


One of the enduring myths: "Democrats, and Liberals generally, CARE about people." This could only be believed by someone who hasn't met any recently. The rest of us note that the circle of caring mainly includes themselves.


Finally, a reason to remember and give thanks if you are in a society shaped by Christianity, rather than Confucianism or Islam: Christians know the value of life, even of life unrelated to theirs.
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