Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

Three dots onward

Thomas Wictor has an interesting take on the response to chemical attacks over the weekend: click here.


Exploitation of illegal aliens seen in Tennesee. Let's not kid ourselves that this is a "border state" problem any more, OK?


It's time to punish the people who enable mass killings to occur: incompetant, slipshod law enforcement.


In one of the easiest fails ever, London admits that total gun bans haven't achieved safety by trying to ban knives. Just as a side note: gentlemen not welcome in London, because they might oppose the roving gangs and rape artists using knives and acid for amusement.


Academic mismatch: if you go to a college where your credentials put you at least in the middle of your class, you are more likely to graduate with a degree. Where is this most relevant? In the more demanding STEM curricula, if you get in because your parents are rich, or alumni, watch out. And, sadly, if you are the beneficiary of affirmative action. Practical note: is a useful site to see how you fit in.


And a reminder: apprentice programs are a good way to get a job, and job offers.
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