Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Suicide of the West: Jonah Goldberg

Not good history.

Heavy ideology.

Illustration: And so, this entire extended order of liberty and contracts and the monopoly on violence of the state--all of these things are really new. They don't come to us naturally. We have to be taught them. We have to be civilized--as a verb--into believing in these things. No.

The monopoly on violence of the state, for example: during most of the "miracle" period, it wasn't there in the prototype "miracle" country, England. Stories abound of crime in England and gallant passers-by lending firearms to the outraged person during the Victorian period. Only recently has the UK abolished the right of self-defense, and several American states have attempted to follow that lead (notably, states that people are leaving).

Finally, on "naturally" -- Edmund Burke wrote about the natural/unnatural paradox back in the 18th century: man out of his own nature has created society and civilization; hence, though society and civilization are artificial creation not existing in nature, they are still natural. Pretending that man is the sole creator of anything unnatural, especially while denying the providence of God and his interventions in history, is foolish and poorly conceived.
Tags: capitalism, nature, self-defense
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