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Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
The "Dark Web" Meme 
10th-May-2018 07:32 am
The New Yorker wants to make George W. Bush's conservatism the "opposition", and has nominated its "leaders" in an article titled the Dark Web (which does get it drama points. My problem with this? Well, I don't take it well when people who oppose me want to give me what appears to be well-meaning advice when I know they don't mean well. They mean harm to me and mine, which was shown by the Hillary Clinton campaign in both its pre-election and post-election forms.

Fake. Just like the people they nominated to be "alt-right" in the face of the fact that most of us in the alt-right thought of them as leftists (Nazis, like Mussolini, had socialism on the brain). Just as a reminder, alt-right is better defined here. And the longer I live with that definition, the better I like it.
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