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  • Fri, 21:29: Even idiots ask questions. Comes of not reading Kipling. "The Old Issue" is still live to them, and they should be…
  • Sat, 10:06: RT @jamestaranto: You're saying the FISA court approved your applications to spy on U.S. persons who were not suspected of a crime? https:/…
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  • Some books are going to be hard to read.

    This one, however, I'm going to have to read anyway: The Dark Side of Avalon. I know it's going to be hard. And I know I will read it anyway, on…

  • Obligation

    Obligation We must follow God Rather than the scruples Of the great and good Who have, so far, failed To make the omelette they promised When they…

  • Classes in America

    I am dismayed that people don't recognize the class problem that the United States has. I'm not alone in finding it: see this article, for…

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