Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

What if the police station was across the street?

Would you feel safe then?

You shouldn't. Sounds impossible, right?

Let's check out Lewiston, Maine, the second largest city in the state of Maine. There is a city park, Kennedy Park, across the street from the police station. Let's see what happens when a gang of Somali "utes" arrive:

Time it took the police to get there? They estimate two to three minutes from the telephone call with a complaint. That they needed a telephone call to contain a riot is interesting. Local residents estimate the time at 7-8 minutes from riot to arrival. No one is pressing charges, so there is nothing that happened, from a statistical point of view.

The mayor is perplexed that this should be thought of as unusual:

“Kennedy Park is a large common space in the middle of some of the poorest census tracts in the Northeast,” Mayor Bouchard said. “When you have large, diverse groups of people in the same place you are bound to have incidents. Lewiston is no different in that respect than any other medium to large city, except that Lewiston’s violent crime rate is one of the lowest in Maine.”

This incident does not contribute to the crime rate the mayor is worried about, fortunately. So nothing happened. Nothing at all. Calm is everywhere.
Tags: crime, self-defense

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