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Collected Articles on Culture & Politics
A Heretic Speaks Out for His Gospel 
7th-Jun-2018 08:58 am
It's always interesting when someone can make their case clearly, fully describing their position. this article does a bang-up job describing not only the heretical gospel the author follows, but the smug disdain the author has for other Americans, preferring the MS-13 because of the evangelical opportunity presented, who describes them as better people. And, incidentally, showing that the author will never go out of his way to meet the MS-13 and give them the gospel, because they, too, are beneath him.

This is the voice of the person who wants to undermine America, and excuses that by the "principles" to which he adheres. A parasite, living off a nation whose principles he does not support (assuming that he has learned them), as well as living off the evangelical work of those for whom he has only disdain, since he will never be involved in it.

Those of us who are handing out Chick Tracts remain the only people who will both engage the members of MS-13 we meet (and we're everywhere, so we will meet them), and whose clear, orthodox presentations of Christianity in the context of current time and history will remain subject to the denigration of this sort.

Recall for a moment the comment by a friend in the last article's update: "Leftism is the religion that says that Activists are called to save the victims of the world by politics. I say it is a false religion." This is the "conservative" version: he affiliates with organizations with loopholes in their statements (here, justice is the loophole that allows redefinition so that he can remain concerned with a "mystical use of parentheses and italics" rather than murders in neighborhoods he does not live in). While sounding conservative, he remains a support of the liberal order, and seeks its approval, horrified at the thought of being classed as "one of those". A weakness many conservatives share.
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