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Philosopher, Legal Theorist, Ok. Evaluator, Maybe not. 
30th-Jun-2005 06:19 pm
I've heard much, on various occasions, about Brian Leiter, and his weblog.

I perused it briefly, and can't recommend it to my readers. His tone is uncharitable, and his analysis is neither factually oriented nor argumentatively useful. For a quick example, check out this recommendation and contrast it with otherwise informed commentary. Or, for those of you wanting a shorter refutation, check this out. For myself, I find amusing the thought that Iraq was no threat. The only country that was firing on Americans the day George Bush assumed office was .... Iraq. Then there were the resolutions by Congress... but that would be research.

As demonstrated here, Mr. Leiter knows his opinions. I found myself laughing at him partway through, just based on the firmness with which he holds them, and the kind of support he musters.

Worth a miss, for me. Your call?

UPDATE:As it turns out, I'm not alone, though this commentator goes much further in noting Mr. Leiter's inability to reason properly and his tenditious changing of the subject insead of correcting himself when criticized properly. Maybe the reason he doesn't see people persuaded is that he himself is never persuaded by reason? May I recommend a brief course in reasoning?
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