Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

The Culture Does Not Change

The hijab: one of several forms of body covering, popularized in Iran after the Khomeini revolution. Since it is minimal, it becomes the least effort way to comply for women who are Muslim.

But least effort doesn't mean that "modesty" is the point: it means that it is enough, all by itself. And here we come to the point of the story: while men may accept compliance with a rule as adequate, women, for whom all rules are merely suggestions, want to be able to criticize other women to make themselves and their choices look better. Hence the creation, in America, of a new term: "Hojabi". The spelling is correct.

The urban dictionary definitions:
A hijabi with all the properties of a HO.
Look at that hojabi, shes going to zero gravity.

A woman who observes the traditional Muslim headscarf/veil (hijab) but accompanies it with clothing which may be extremely tight, flashy, or "characteristic of a hoe."
"I was at the mall the other day and I saw this girl with a shiny headscarf and a skirt which stuck to her so tightly that I could make our her nipples. What a hojabi."

derogotary term meaning a muslim women/girl wearing the hijab in a sexualised manner to attract attention as opposed to deterring the gaze of mens' eyes. A hojabi ties their hair in an unusually high ponytail and maybe even backcombs to add further volume, wrapping the scarf around to create a camel head effect. lipstick muslim Some add extra attention by wearing more than one scarf in many bright colours.
Look at that girl, proper hojabi she is.

A similar term is "lipstick Muslim", and, once again, the point is to say "I'm better than she is". To be fair, the Koran addresses this directly: but the culture rules the religion.

While Christian women are not immune to this, they do know that they are sinners, in desperate need of Christ's righteousness to cover their inadequacies, so the comparison can be ridiculed by others. There is no hierarchy they can climb up.
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