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Ever Buy a Product with a Rebate? 
10th-Feb-2005 06:13 pm
Was it paid? Are you kidding?

Arnold Kling just had the rebate experience that counts: the one where you actually comply with the request of the rebate company, and don't get the rebate anyway.

As it turns out, rebates are a promise without performance: they're worth too little to hire a lawyer over, and they persuade you that the product will cost less than your receipt without actually having to deliver on the discount except in a small number of cases. I suppose this would be consumer fraud if the FTC bothered to look at it: but I also suppose that the FTC is too busy to worry about $25 that someone snaffles up because they can't be bothered to follow through on their promises.

I think there's another apporach: print the article to pdf, and send it by email to every site that promises that the product will cost less because of the rebate, with the subject:"Please don't make fraudulent promises."

What do you think?
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