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  • Thu, 12:15: The point is not that the statistic is bogus. They wanted a big number, and they got a big number. Problem solved.
  • Thu, 12:18: No one wants the new rules: not even the ones who propose them. Unless the new rules exempt those who propose them:…
  • Thu, 13:17: RT @davidharsanyi: Increasingly, the ACLU is inventing justifications that allow it to embrace comfortable contemporary leftist cultural po…
  • Thu, 13:19: RT @mtracey: I don’t think the US media has ever been nuttier than they are right now. It would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous. They…
  • Thu, 13:20: RT @dcexaminer: Trump: "Crazy" media wants war between the US and Russia
  • Thu, 19:26: If this is intelligence, let's have less of it.
  • Thu, 19:27: He does know that the United States is not a democracy, right? Or did that never come up for him?
  • Fri, 07:07: Trump has revealed how rotten our institutions had become. The bad news is they've been that way for a while.
  • Fri, 07:10: RT @KimDotcom: I’m getting close to finishing the architecture for an anti-censorship Twitter replacement. Will start fundraising and hirin…
  • Fri, 07:10: RT @Cernovich: Friends, What we unearthed tonight was a PROVEN pedo network operating in Hollywood. We have archived Tweets, we saw them…
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    Sun, 18:24: RT @ KurtSchlichter: I have carefully examined my alleged privilege, and I have determined that every right, preference, advantage,…

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    Fri, 13:45: RT @ RealTT2020: Michelle Obama explains, "Barack has lead by example. When we took our trip to Africa & visited his home…

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