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When May We Expect Impeachment?

The Kansas Supreme Court is going idiot-poo again.

Admittedly, they are judges, and therefore not that bright. Still, we would expect them to be able to understand the basics of the state constitution at a high school level: and they demonstrably don't.

OPEKA, Kansas (AP) -- The Kansas Supreme Court said Saturday it will consider keeping schools closed because state legislators have failed to comply with the court's demand for more money for public schools.

Schools are already closed for the summer break, and students aren't scheduled to return until August. However, if the Legislature doesn't resolve the funding issue, the court could keep 445,000 students and 64,000 teachers and staff from returning to the classroom when the new school year starts.

The court's order suggested it could even block spending on bond payments, leases and other financial obligations.

UPDATE:Kansans may not relish the thought that they are subjects, rather than citizens who can vote.

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