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18th-Aug-2018 12:00 pm
  • Sat, 11:00: This is wrong, they know it is wrong, and they are doing it anyway. That's all that need be said. Democrats Frighte… https://t.co/ZH5aYuu9xE
  • Sat, 11:04: RT @ScottAdamsSays: Did he run for President to be my role model? I evaluate him the same way I evaluate my plumber. If my pipes get fixed,…
  • Sat, 11:08: RT @ScottAdamsSays: To be clear, if CNN gets their names and addresses, I'll never serve on another jury. CNN Sued The Government For Names…
  • Sat, 11:13: RT @NolteNC: CNN and Buzzfeed wanted jurors to know they could dox them if Manafort’s acquitted. This was an intimidation move to terrori…
  • Sat, 11:15: RT @StuartHumphryes: Beautiful, evocative and moving: This is the earliest known original colour film of London, taken in 1924 - only 5 yea…
  • Sat, 11:19: RT @MarkYoungTruth: I dont see the problem, and he doesn’t need to ask the president to revoke it, he can surrender it. https://t.co/FZTkt0
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