Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams


Just a reminder for those who notice that our common life is becoming a bit fraught, and wonders how to keep out of the scrum:

1. Avoid crowds. Avoid crowds. Avoid crowds.
-Possibly the most important advice.
-Wear neutral clothes.
-Don’t ‘daydream’ in public.
-Especially in public, keep your mental focus outward, not inward.
-When entering any environment, do a quick scan around you.
-Assess the baseline of the environment you’re in.
-Utilize your peripheral vision.
-Reflections in windows will reveal what’s going on behind you while walking.

2.Whenever you enter a building, identify the exits. Plan your exit.
-During a panic most people will exit the way they came in, creating a bottleneck.
-Most restaurants have an exit in the kitchen.

3.In a public establishment, sit where you can see the main entrance.
-Try not to sit with your back towards the majority.

4.When parking against a wall or barrier, back in for a quicker exit.
-Look around when walking away or towards your vehicle.
-In a parking lot, identify vehicles with people inside.

5.Observe others. ‘Oddness’ will stand out.
-Attempt to identify those who may be carrying concealed.
-If your gut is warning you, pay attention.
-Notice those who are themselves looking around, being observant.
-Observe others who are dressed outside that environment’s normality.
-Listen and identify conversation topics of those nearby.
-Facial expressions are often worth a thousand words.
-Look for aggressive body language.
-Look at the hands. Anything there?
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