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In the Wake of the Attacks ... 
8th-Jul-2005 10:14 am
Check out Planet Moron for a reliable take on the news.

A sample Q&A from today:

Q. Are we safe here at home?
A. No.
Q. Really?
A. Really.
Q. Oh my God! Oh my God! What do we do?
A. Not panic.
Q. Right, check.

Q. How can we help make ourselves more safe then?
A. Look out for suspicious people.
Q. What do you mean by “suspicious?”
A. You know, suspicious.
Q. No, I don’t know.
A. People who look… raba-ay.
Q. What the hell is that?
A. Pig Latin.
Q. Oh.

And, now that you have your sense of humor back, go out and enjoy your day.
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