Arnold Williams (notebuyer) wrote,
Arnold Williams

"Health Experts" Take It On The Nose

And, frankly, deserve to.

Just because Trump is politics you disagree with, while the rally in Brooklyn is politics you agree with does NOT mean that your standard should change. Unless you're admitting that your standard has always been about politics, not science. If the latter, be prepared to be sued by people who lost their jobs because of your prior action. Keep in mind that we remember when public health authorities get the science drastically wrong.

Let's look at the three photos here, for example.

No judge can condone the bad faith regulating of religion. Unless you're on the Supreme Court, I suppose.

Unless, of course, they are willing to admit that this whole brouhaha was not about racism, which divides the country much less than it did when I was growing up, but about the real division in American society, which is between classes. Those willing to think about problems does not include Dr. Angela Rasmussen, who appears not only to have fallen for the NY Times "1619" hoax, but advocated protests as more important than fighting COVID-19. For the uninformed, some elementary reading

What divides Joe Biden from the "dregs" he criticizes? What divides Hilary Clinton from the "deplorables" she laments? What unifies them all? Class divides, and skin color unites, respectively. The exemplars of "white privilege" are in the upper class, while the ones most accused of it are in the lower class. Take a moment to figure out what that means, and especially note that the cultural punishment for the "crime" is quite different. The lower class, accused of "white privilege", are barred from professional education, people flee from jobs if a lower class person is appointed to manage above them, and the Supreme Court is generally unwilling to enforce rights that might be disproportionately applicable to the lower class. Also, attacks on lower class people are not considered "crimes" (note for the record that anyone who supports Trump is considered "lower class", which includes nearly half the country). The upper class, upon accusation, flaunts their donations to liberal institutions and causes, says how outraged they are on behalf of their skin color, drops references to the culture at large which refer entirely to the lower class, and need do no more. As Hale Razor put it: ""Conservatives are fascists, Taliban, and Nazis," said the people who remove statues, 'other' their enemies, ban flags, use violence to intimidate, destroy livelihood of people who don't obey, and forbid opinions they don't like."
Harvey Weinstein, upon being accused of sexual crimes against various women, responded by saying he was going to fight the NRA, an organization much loved by those who supplement their wages in support of their families by hunting.

If the health experts are merely exemplars of the upper class, why bother paying attention to them? They are just playing the upper class sport, oppressing the lower class in any way they can get away with it for the yuks and to show off to each other.

Update: How does the upper class react to the riots, the looting, the crimes caused by the withdrawal of police from a neighborhood? Well, Seattle shows the way: Cheer on the protesters, and hire private security for themselves. Without regard to those who can't afford private security, and who, without the ordinary security of a safe neighborhood, can't move out, but can only flee.

Update II: Notice the class-based argument here: these people, who threw Molotov cocktails at a police car, went to upper-class schools, so should not be in jail. And scroll down to see the reaction to an unpleasant truth uttered by someone of the lower class:

STOP generically telling us to VOTE in response to all of the police brutality we have right now.

Yes we should vote. But we have to be VERY specific.

Democrats, from top to bottom, are running the cities with the worst police brutality in America right now.

We voted for them.
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